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To access directly My Image Gallery or Artist Statement - simply use the pull down menu option under the main Process Menu Header on the direct gallery links below.

My Process in Art:

My art process is as follows,

  • I conduct research on a given country, as well on it's unique history and global significance.

  • Schedule travel arrangements to that given country.

  • Seek to discover and understand the countries unique narratives while on location via: personal one-on-one encounters and conversations with it's  indigenous and expat citizens of said country.     

  • Photograph my encounters, experiences that will honorably represent the country and the culture.

  • Journal to record my impressions while on location

  • Return home and reflect on my experiences

  • Seek God’s heart for that country and determine the best way to transmute into a visual format my very personal experiences, encounters and impressions

  • Determine the best medium to used in the artwork to be created

  • Begin the process of making an individual miniature handmade books that record & reflect what I discovered, with an emphasis on reflecting a heart of compassion and honor for the people I met and the country I visited.

  • Then, I paint the portrait of the face that best represents that country. (See Portrait Gallery link below)

  • Share the Hand-made book's that reflect the countries unique narrative (View images of several of these books in Gallery Link Below)

  • Continue to share the lessons,  the art and the experiences with others, equipping them to have a deeper appreciation for the nation, it's heritage and it's people.

  • Repeat the process.

Let me also invite you to reach out to me to come and share my presentations on the power of art being a catalyst for demonstrating a culture of honor. 

I am available for speaking engagements kindly access the contact button below:

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