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Kathleen Colussy 

The Art of Intercession

Speaker - Visual Artist - Story Teller


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K Colussy


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"To journey with Professor Colussy is to enter a unique global perspective,

I believe I might never would have experienced any other way!" 

She causes you to think, and to grasp

the bigger picture of who we are and our role as artists or designers.


If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear this woman speak - by all means jump at the chance!"

                                                                              Shira S.

"I have traveled to over 25 countries, I thought I understood between tourism and travel, but trust me you have never truly traveled until you

have experienced the world through Professor Colussy's eyes.

Not only will other cultures take on a new meaning, but you and your life's purpose do too !"

                                                                              Tatyana R.

I was so inspired after hearing Professor Colussy, speak and share her adventures.  It was right there and then that I purposed to travel with her.  I am so glad I did!   The result for me was simply life changing!

                                                                              Alexandra Rosier.

Contact me for more information about speaking at your next conference or event.


Be sure to also inquire about my small group /coaching travel experiences.


*** By the way,  I NEVER share or  sell your email information.

(I have more excellent references and testimonials available upon request.)

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