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 Kathleen Colussy -  Fine Artist

Artist Statement


I am a story teller - I tell stories with words, with images, paint, cloth and clay.


This current series of visual narratives came as a result of my quiet time reflecting on the over 150 countries I have been blessed to traveled to.


The art is about real people and situations which I encountered.   I refer to these encounters as my God-sightings. My muse for each piece was not derived from simply a moment of fleeting  aesthetic inspiration - but  instead my art was birthed from my grappling with the dueling realities I encounter in my travels.


My art is ultimately about my story and my journey of how God used each trip to melt and humble my heart to have a deeper understanding and insight for His heart for the nations. 


As a Western woman I longed to see the world through God's eyes versus my own interpretation.  I wept as I began to take ownership and address my own issues of complacency, apathy and selfishness,  I soon found myself being overwhelmed with HIS compassion for the people I met that He was using to melt my heart.


What i discovered was that every nation has a unique identity and glory that art and prayer help it to manifest.


Therefore, my goal was to attempt to capture visually the dueling realities I had encountered in my travels and to demonstrate a culture of honor through my art.  I believe through prayer and sharing my stories and my art I could perhaps bring my small contribution of reconciliation and understanding .

Did you know? 

I am available for speaking, as well as for one on one coaching.

In addition you too can participate in my my week long international travel coaching sessions.

Join the hundreds of others who have traveled with me to exotic destinations where you will

 participate in daily small group coaching sessions.


Want to learn more???   Why not contact me at the link below:

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