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So, who is Kathleen Colussy?


Story Teller - Artist - Professor - Traveler -  Intercessor 


Personal Mission Statement:

I am an engaging visual storyteller, as well as  a creative experience specialist that uses art, travel and intercession to reveal the beauty of the Creator evident on the earth today!


Market Place Mission Statement:


To equip and empower artists and designers to steward their time, talents, and creativity as godly cross-cultural ambassadors serving with integrity, and excellence, both locally & globally in the market place.


Available for:


Coaching &

International Small Group Travel Seminars


Popular Conference And Coaching Topics:

1) The new Renaissance is HERE! What's your role?

2) Interpreting the impact of zeitgeist has on your  art -

3) Discovering the correlation between Faith, Art & Fashion

4 The  ART of Intercession

5) Do you really  know the full story behind Bezalel and art?

6) Secrets to unlocking Creativity - discovering your unique voice

7) Are YOU world wise?

8) Can we impact culture or nations with art?

9) Vision Casting for your art - including identifying your

     hidden stumbling blocks

10) Discovering your true role in Art, Design or Fashion

For more specific information to schedule

me to speak to your group or  you can contact me &

also request information to discuss how to accompany me on my small

mentoring  travel  group experiences...


Contact me at:


Schedule filling fast...


   “The purpose of art is washing the

     dust of daily life off our souls.” 


   "Art is not to decorate the walls       of an apartment, it is an act

    of war."  


                                      Pablo Picasso

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