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Welcome the website of:
Kathleen Colussy







Available for speaking:



I am a visual storyteller, and coach -   I share the stories I have lived!

In my worldview - every culture and nation has a unique identity and glory that the arts and intercession help it to manifest on the earth today!

Perhaps this is why many consider me a creative experience specialist, utilizing travel, fine art and coaching to equip the next generation of creative problem solvers.

As a career visual arts and fashion design professor I have researched and traveled the globe to well over 

150 - countries following the apparel production process.

Along the way I have gleaned a thing or two on travel, apparel production, making art, mentoring and coaching as well as on

how to pray!  

I love sharing the stories I have lived through my over 35-years of global travel with young adults. I believe my unique history as an educator, artist, author and lecturer has transformed my heart and my art into an authentic ambassador of creativity, beauty and good will!  

Why not reach out for more information about speaking at your next conference or event?  I promise you will not be disappointed!


You may also wish to inquire about my small group coaching 

travel experiences. 


Contact me at: or use the Contact link

Vision Statement:
I consider myself a globally ambassador of peace and good will.
My goal is to impact and shift culture within my sphere of influence by serving, coaching, and equipping tomorrow's design leaders to walk in integrity as creative problem solvers. 
My art, writing and intercession are an integral part of defining who I am and what I do. These are both vital components  for empowering lives and shifting both destinies and culture for the good.

Available for:  (Onsite or Zoom) 


Personal Life Coaching &

International Small Group Travel Seminars


Why not contact me to learn more how to join one of  my travel group coaching experience? Hit the Contact Link to write for more information.



Because, every painting tells a story!

All images  on this site may not be used for any reason without

express written permission from the artist.

Copyrighted MKC

Upcoming Speaking & Travel Schedule:
  • List of countries/cities where I have spoken in last 3 years.

  • Dubai UAE

  • Doha, Qatar

  • Italy - Florence 

  • UK /Wales

  • Germany 

  • Hungry 

  • Austria

  • France

  • Slovakia

  • Czech Republic

  • Utah

  • Thailand

  • NYC

  • Australia /New Zealand

  • Greece

  • Egypt

  • France

  • Vietnam and Cambodia 

  • Taiwan

  • Santa Fe

  • Las Vegas

  • Philadelphia


Did you know? 

I am available for speaking, as well as for one on one coaching.

In addition you too can participate in my my week long international travel coaching sessions.

Join the hundreds of others who have traveled with me to exotic destinations where you will  participate in daily small group coaching sessions.

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for more information.



Here is a list of the most

Popular Conference & Coaching Topics:

1) The new Renaissance is HERE!

2) Trends in Art

3) Correlation between Faith, Art & Fashion

4) Identity Theft - Who are you?

5) Mentoring / Empowering Millennials

6) Secrets to unlocking your Creativity

7) Are YOU world wise?

8) How does creativity impact culture globally?

9) Have you discovered your life's question?

Why not come travel with me?

  • In addition to speaking I also facilitate global travel-experiences that are focused on one-on-one coaching for small groups of like minded professionals.

  • My bi-yearly groups travel to exotic destinations. Travel typically includes custom coaching sessions, focused on the needs of my participants.

  • Daily crafted sessions are built into the travel itinerary for those opting to include this additional service. ( prices available)

  • Frequently these tours are all inclusive including: air, ground, lodging, guide, slated excursions per itinerary, breakfast and dinner daily. (While some things such as: tips, Travel visas and coaching have additional fees.)